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Promise Neighborhoods

Promise Neighborhoods Winner Applications, Scores, and Comments Published

Most of the materials have been published here. The rest are likely to be published in the next few days.

I will be doing a follow-up to the What It Took report based on these materials and on interviews with applicants and the peer reviewers. The report will (hopefully) be ready by March.

Promise Neighborhood Director Opening

From our friends at CAMBA, one of the latest Promise Neighborhoods planning grant winners and a UNCA member agency:

Promise Neighborhood Director

CAMBA, a large non-profit in Brooklyn, NY has recently been awarded a Promise Neighborhoods Planning Grant by the U.S. Department of Education (U.S. DOE).  CAMBA is seeking a Director of the Flatbush Promise Neighborhood Initiative (FPNI). The purpose of the FPNI is to significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children and youth in Flatbush, a Central Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City, and to transform the community by achieving the following objectives: 1) Identifying and increasing the capacity of local organizations that are focused on achieving results for children, youth and families throughout the Flatbush community; 2) Building a complete continuum of cradle-through-college-to career solutions of both educational programs and family and community support, with great schools at the center and with all solutions accessible to children with disabilities and to English learners; 3) Integrating programs and breaking down “silos” so that solutions are implemented effectively and efficiently across agencies; 4) Developing the local infrastructure of systems and resources needed to sustain and scale up proven, effective solutions; 5) Learning about the overall impact of the Promise Neighborhoods program and about the relationship between particular strategies in Promise Neighborhoods and student outcomes, including through a rigorous evaluation of the programs.

The person filling the position is expected to: 1) Direct/manage day-to-day planning process for the FPNI, supervise all FPNI staff, and ensure quality of plan; 2) Plan, develop and coordinate services among the Advisory Board, Core Team and all Committees of the FPNI; 3) Ensure that all goals, targets and performance outcomes are met on a monthly basis; and, 4) Interact with U.S. DOE on a regular basis. Additionally, include a review and conduct on-going analyses of the planning process and implementation of Continuum of Solutions.

The ideal candidate will possess an MPA, MPH, or Master’s degree in a related field (Bachelor’s degree minimum) and 5 years applicable experience and/or equivalent experience. Candidate must demonstrate excellent written and oral communications skills, organizational skills and computer skills, along with prior supervisory experience.

Interested candidates must reside in, or be willing to relocate to, the New York City metropolitan area.  Please submit a resume and cover letter to submitresumes@camba.org

Promise Neighborhoods Winners Announced

The U.S. Department of Education has announced this year's Promise Neighborhoods winners. The list of winners can be found on the Promise Neighborhoods web site.

Congratulations to the following UNCA members for their winning applications:

Implementation Grants
United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County, Inc. (San Antonio, Texas)

Planning Grants
Black Family Development (Detroit, Mich.)
CAMBA (New York)
Meriden Children’s First (Meriden, Conn.)

Congressional Negotiators Agree to $60 Million for Promise Neighborhoods

House and Senate negotiators have agreed to fund the Promise Neighborhoods program at $60 million in the coming fiscal year (FY 2012), a doubling of the $30 million in funding in FY 2011.

In the debate between House and Senate negotiators, where the Senate had approved $60 million but the House had zeroed out the program, the Senate won out, signaling its continued importance to Senate Democrats and the Obama administration.

The funding is included in a much larger funding package and prospects for the overall package are currently unclear. A disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over an extension of payroll tax cuts is holding up final resolution. If it is not resolved, the federal government could be shut down at midnight on December 16.

Despite these higher level politics, lower-profile items like Promise Neighborhoods are unlikely to be affected when a final deal is cut, so the proposed $60 million for Promise Neighborhoods is likely to remain intact.

Combined with increased funding for Choice Neighborhoods and the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation program, neighborhood revitalization programs have done well in the 2012 budget, despite a tight budgetary environment overall.

Update: The bill funding Promise Neighborhoods (HR 2055) was passed by the House on December 16, passed by the Senate on December 17, and signed into law by President Obama on December 23. The $60 million in funding for Promise Neighborhoods was included in the Safe Schools and Citizenship Education title. The funding is available through December 31, 2012.

Higher Ed Institutions Involved with Promise Neighborhoods Eligible for Presidential Award

The Corporation for National and Community Service is inviting applications from higher education institutions to be considered for awards that recognize  their "exemplary community service" and "meaningful, measurable outcomes in the communities they serve," including local Promise Neighborhoods efforts.

Promise Neighborhoods-specific information is here. More general information is here. Applications must be submitted electronically via the online application system. Application information is here.

The deadline for the 2012 Honor Roll submissions is December 9, 2011. The winners will be announced on March 12, 2012 at the American Council on Education (ACE) Conference in Los Angeles.


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